People Had Unlimited Jokes for This Photo of Phil Jackson Riding an NYC Public Bus

Phil Jackson

People Had Unlimited Jokes for This Photo of Phil Jackson Riding an NYC Public Bus

One person said the Knicks' president was riding the same vehicle that he threw Melo under.

Published February 16, 2017

As if the New York Knicks' season couldn't have become more bizarre, a photo has surfaced of the team's president, Phil Jackson, riding a NYC public bus.

On sight, people hit the image with an onslaught of hilarious memes and tweets. Add this to the Knicks' 23-34 record, Jackson's constant criticism of the team's superstar Carmelo Anthony, and the franchise's owner James Dolan's treatment of Charles Oakley at Madison Square Garden last week, and this season has been another wash for the orange and blue.

Well, at least Phil could think about the organization's next move on that bus ride.

Here is the notorious photo and the hilarity that ensued.

  1. Here's The Infamous Photo That Sparked All The Hilarity

    Just ... why?

  2. This Fan Fired Shots At Phil Over His Treatment Of Carmelo Anthony

    This Nga #PhilJackson is losing it B. Smh... #CityBusPhil #GoingYourWay #ZenMaster #HeSmokesTooMuch #Knicks #knickstape

    A post shared by Dubby RayBan/Skybox/FreshWater (@dubby_goodell) on

    Damn! Phil got bodied with this comment.

  3. And the onslaught of Melo jokes kept coming

    Life is hitting Phil Jackson quick these days, isn't it? Figure it out, Phil. Figure it out.

  4. Hold This L

    Yeah, that's right ... Kevin Love's injury has Melo in the All-Star Game once again, despite the Knicks' president's criticism of him this season.

  5. New Yorkers Relying On Public Transportation Had A field day with this


    A post shared by THEFAMELESSREPORT (@thefamelessreport) on

    Loosen up, Phil.

  6. Don't You Hate When This Happens?

    "Man on the bus had the nerve to take up two seats." #IAmCapriceCorbett #StrongFaceNation #PhilJackson #NYKnicks

    A post shared by Caprice Corbett (@capricestrongface) on

    How inconsiderate.

  7. Triangle-Offense Thoughts?

    As slow of a crawl as NYC transportation could be sometimes, Phil has plenty of time to figure things out. Watch out for those potholes that the Knicks' season has already succumbed to, though.

  8. What's really good with Phil Jackson, though?

    Imagine if he started spewing Zen wisdom on the bus. Would New Yorkers care?

  9. Jemele Hill For The Win!

    Real tears!

  10. Dead

    Good grief. Put the yellow crime-scene tape up. Nothing else to see here.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: James Devaney/GC Images)


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