Openly Gay Boxer Yusaf Mack Pulled Up On A Twitter Troll Over Slurs

Yusaf Mack

Openly Gay Boxer Yusaf Mack Pulled Up On A Twitter Troll Over Slurs

One report says paramedics had to be called to the Philly barbershop where the incident happened.

Published February 20, 2017

Twitter trolls will often type tough and hide behind their keyboards, feeling like they can't be touched. That is, until someone pulls up on them in person.

That's exactly what happened at the L A Clippers barbershop in Philadelphia on Saturday night, when openly-gay boxer Yusaf Mack popped in on a Twitter troll who has been harassing him with homophobic slurs on social media.

Witnesses told TMZ Sports that Mack attacked the man harassing him online, while the guy's head was in a sink during a wash. As you'll see from the footage below, Mack proceeded to pummel and wail on the troll with zero Fs given as onlookers were seemingly too in shock to stop the barbershop beatdown. TMZ confirmed that paramedics had to be called to tend to the man.

Mack told TMZ that he reached a breaking point over the man's slurs and disrespect of him and that the troll got what he had coming to him.

Although the Twitter troll didn't speak with TMZ, the celebrity website did report that he unleashed more homophobic statements, this time on his Facebook page.

"I rather have a video of some beating me up then a video of someone seeing me take a d*** up my ass any day," the man whose name wasn't revealed by TMZ wrote.

He also wants a chance to shoot the fair one with Mack — something the boxer would seemingly welcome.

But judging from this video, this Twitter troll may want to stay far away from Yusaf's hands.

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Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Scott Heavey/Getty Images)


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