Cardinals' Dexter Fowler Doesn't Regret Criticizing Trump's Travel Ban Despite The Backlash

Dexter Fowler, Donald Trump

Cardinals' Dexter Fowler Doesn't Regret Criticizing Trump's Travel Ban Despite The Backlash

One person suggested the center fielder keeps his "mouth shut" because he's "property" of the team.

Published February 20, 2017

Dexter Fowler is currently in a bit of a peculiar position. 

After winning the 2016 World Series with the Chicago Cubs, the star center fielder inked a five-year, $82.5 million deal with the St. Louis Cardinals this past December.

While #CardsNation immediately embraced the 30-year-old, Fowler recently calling Donald Trump's travel ban against select Muslim-majority nations "unfortunate" has put him in hostile territory with some St. Louis Cardinals' fans. Many have been bashing him as hard as he has been known to destroy a pitch in the strike zone.

Still, Fowler isn't apologizing. The fact that the slugger's wife, Darya, was born in Iran and it's one of the countries named in the travel ban only adds to Dexter's willingness to speak out against the controversial executive order from the 45th president. As does the fact that Fowler's sister-in-law, Sadaf Baghbani, is currently in Qatar having delayed her business trip return to avoid being detained under the travel ban.

"I gave nothing away. I'm always going to care for my family, and if a question is asked out of concern, I'm going to answer the question truthfully," Fowler said, as reported by ESPN. "It's not to hurt anybody. It's my perspective. It's unfortunate that people think of things that way, but I believe they're sensitive. I'm not the sensitive one."

Here is part of Fowler's initial comments, the backlash he received from them and his response to all his detractors.

  1. Here's Dexter Fowler's Initial Statement About Trump's Travel Ban That Some Cardinals' Fans Objected To

    Just look at the hate that came the center fielder's way.

  2. One Cards' Fan Cursed Fowler Out And Told Him To Go Back To Chi-Town

    Uncalled for and utterly ridiculous.

  3. The Most Heinous Backlash Came Via This Person Who Said That Fowler "Needs To Keep His Mouth Shut" Because He's "Property" of the Cardinals

    So, when a player signs a contract with a team he becomes "property" of that franchise and can't voice his feelings? Get the F out of here.

  4. Another Wished Dexter Dies of Cancer


  5. Fowler Drowned Out The Hate With Love, Announcing A Giveaway And Sticking To His Comments

    Talk to em, Dex!

  6. Some Cardinals' Fans Encouraged Him To Keep Speaking His Mind

    That's what we'd call a grand slam!

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