People Are Losing It Over This Muslim Teen Girl's Basketball Skills During Lunch Break

Jamad Fiin

People Are Losing It Over This Muslim Teen Girl's Basketball Skills During Lunch Break

"Black hijabi excellence."

Published February 27, 2017

Meet Jamad Fiin, the 18-year-old high school senior, who has the internet on fire for dropping some serious basketball skills during her lunch break — all while wearing a traditional Muslim hijab.

Here's the clip that made her a viral sensation and the wave of reactions her hoop skills caused on Twitter.

[Warning: Some tweets contain profanity].

  1. The Play That Made Her A Viral Sensation

    And socia media erupted with reactions upon seeing it.

  2. She Has The Internet In Awe

    Hey, we're in awe, too. The young lady's got some serious skills.

  3. That Left, Though!

    Young Jamad made a tough move in basketball look like effortless lightwork, fam.

  4. The guys playing against her were seeing stars

    No bigger star than her on this court, though.

  5. Someone even compared her to LeBron James

    All hail Queen Fiin!

  6. This Clip reduced some to tears

    This highlight is special.

  7. And The Term 'Black Hijabi Excellence' Began To Get Attached To Her Name

    She straight cooked her defenders.

  8. Even Jamad Herself Couldn't Believe The Growing Attention

    Can you say best Monday ever?

  9. And One Person Shut Down Comments From People Trying To Drag The Teen

    Talk to 'em!

  10. The viral clip landed her coverage on ESPN

    Attention from the Worldwide Leader in Sports? Not too shabby.

  11. And there was a call for her to earn a scholarship accompanied by more footage of her hoop skills

    Ball is life! She's really hooping out here and hopefully she does land that scholarship.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Jamad Fiin via Twitter)


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