Saints' Mark Ingram Is Flipping a UK Club Calling Him 'Too Urban' Into Comedic Gold

NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 30: Mark Ingram #28 of the New Orleans Saints looks on from the bench against the Tennessee Titans at LP Field on August 30, 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

Saints' Mark Ingram Is Flipping a UK Club Calling Him 'Too Urban' Into Comedic Gold

The star running back jokingly turned the tag into everything from a rap album to T-shirt line.

Published February 28, 2017

If you were denied access into a club because it deemed that you were "too urban," outrage or sadness might have been two of the emotions felt.

But New Orleans Saints' running back Mark Ingram is feeling neither right about now. After London nightclub Cirque Le Soir said that he and a few of his Saints teammates were "too urban" to enter its establishment Monday night, the star rusher embraced the label, turning into a Twitter hashtag and running ideas for a T-shirt line and even an R&B group name. In other words, Ingram scored several touchdowns flipping this disturbing tag into comedic gold.

A rep for Cirque Le Soir later told TMZ that Ingram's "male-heavy entourage" was the real reason why his group was denied access, but by then the #TooUrban hashtag had already been born.

Here are the original tweets that set off the firestorm of activity, and the hilarity that ensued.

  1. Ingram's original tweets that broke the news

    And that's all it took for Twitter to flip this.

  2. At first, NFL players were dejected by the news

    No words.

  3. But Mark and his Followers Decided to Quickly Embrace the 'Too Urban' Label and turn it into a hashtag


  4. 49ers' wide receiver Torrey Smith actually gave Mark the idea to make 'Too Urban' into a t-shirt line and the Saints' running back ran with it

    Nothing like free promotion and turning controversy into potential dollars.

  5. One Fan Thought #TooUrban would make for a dope R&B group name and another actually made their album cover

    Lead single: "Don't Go to Cirque Le Soir."

  6. And If Mark Decides To Flip #TooUrban Into A Rap album, Fans got him covered on that, too

    Cirque Le Soir is gonna catch these bars and hold this L.

  7. So, wait ... you mean to tell us that this was the guy deemed 'Too Urban'?

    Yeah, he really looks "too urban" on the golf course.

  8. But Young Thug Didn't Have Any Problems Getting In

    Hmm ...

  9. And Ingram's fans came for Cirque Le Soir

    They did it to themselves.

  10. Still, we're Waiting on London's media to Cover Like ...

    The time is ticking ...

  11. Then there's this whole point that Ingram's teammate Benjamin Watson made

    Say that again. The Saints are supposed to play a game in London this fall. So, their players could play football in London ... just not hit the clubs? 

  12. No matter what, Mark isn't going to let anything stop him from smiling


Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Joe Murphy/Getty Images)


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