Spike Lee Says It 'Smells Mad Fishy' That Colin Kaepernick Can't Get a New NFL QB Job

Spike Lee, Colin Kaepernick

Spike Lee Says It 'Smells Mad Fishy' That Colin Kaepernick Can't Get a New NFL QB Job

The famed director calls out the Jets in particular.

Published March 20, 2017

When reports surfaced last month about Colin Kaepernick planning to stand during the national anthem this upcoming season, many people took shots at the quarterback, saying he's only stopping his stance to get another gig in the NFL.

Well, for all those blasting Kaepernick, there are also those fans who think he is purposely being punished for his 2016 anthem-kneeling protest against racism and police brutality, and that's the real reason why an NFL franchise hasn't signed him yet. 

Spike Lee is one of those fans and he's calling foul on the entire league.

The famed movie director had brunch with Kaepernick yesterday in New York City and then jumped onto his Instagram account to let everyone know that it "smells MAD fishy" and "stinks to the high heavens" that the free-agent QB hasn't been inked to a new contract yet.

Lee, a noted die-hard NYC sports fan, also blasted the New York Jets for not giving Kaepernick a shot yet.

Talk to em, Spike!

For every critic knocking Kaepernick, saying he he'll stand during the national anthem this season only because he wants to prolong his NFL career ... well, two weeks have passed and he hasn't been inked to another deal.


Spike and many of Kaep's fans have some ideas about that.

When he said, "Shenanigans, subterfuge, skullduggery and BS," it's hard to disagree at this point if you ask us.

But what do you think? Why hasn't Kaepernick, 29, gotten another QB gig in the NFL yet?

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Written by Mark Lelinwalla

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