Here's How UNC Got the Michael Jordan Crying Meme Up Off Them Last Night


Here's How UNC Got the Michael Jordan Crying Meme Up Off Them Last Night

Gonzaga has to hold this L.

Published April 4, 2017

Oh, what a difference a year makes. Last year, the University of North Carolina was on the receiving end of a devastating, buzzer-beating three-pointer that had it losing the national championship game to Villanova in heartbreaking fashion. The Tar Heels' most famous alumnus, Michael Jordan, watching the game live and instantly getting his own MJ crying meme treatment only made the loss that much more painful to stomach.

Well, the Tar Heels did their part, clawing their way back to the national title game and this time they didn't disappoint, pulling out a 71-65 victory over Gonzaga last night for their sixth championship. (Ironically, Kris Jenkins, the Villanova player who hit the three-pointer to defeat UNC last year, was sitting behind the Tar Heels' bench, as he's the adopted brother of North Carolina guard Nate Britt).

Here's a bunch of reactions to UNC getting the MJ crying meme up off them. Sorry, Gonzaga, but you have to hold the L this year. Salute, champs!

  1. Cut Those nets down in style

    When your most famous player is basketball's GOAT, you can do things like this. No crying meme for UNC this year.

  2. UNC's locker room celebration was a lituation

    When last year's pain turns into a champagne celebration.

  3. Walk It Out, Roy Williams!

    UNC's coach is styling and profiling like he's Ric Flair. Woooo!

  4. Because a UNC title win means open season on taking shots at Duke

    It's only right.

  5. Tar Heels Walking Around Campus Today Like...

    Too cool for school.

  6. Gonzaga had to rock the Michael Jordan crying meme by the end of it

    Damn, someone had to get this treatment.

  7. Hold this L, Gonzaga

    When life hits you fast.

  8. Somebody even managed to flip 'Get Out' And Give it the MJ Crying meme treatment

    #gonzaga #basketball #ncbasketball

    A post shared by Fox Styles (@foxstyles) on

    Yet another reason why the internet remains undefeated.

  9. This is just uncalled for

    No chill whatsoever.

  10. #Facts

    Michael Jordan still has Stockton's number#unc #gonzaga #nationalchamps

    A post shared by YourSports (@yoursports) on

    Yes, MJ's-then Chicago Bulls defeated John Stockton's-then Utah Jazz in back-to-back NBA Finals in 1997-98.

  11. Bunch of new Tar Heels' fans all of a sudden?

    We're dead. Real tears over here.

Written by BET Staff

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