People Are Clowning the Hell Out of 'Sunken Place' Sage Steele for Getting Fired From 'NBA Countdown'

Sage Steele

People Are Clowning the Hell Out of 'Sunken Place' Sage Steele for Getting Fired From 'NBA Countdown'

Michelle Beadle is her replacement.

Published April 5, 2017

All those controversial statements that Sage Steele has made seem to have taken their toll.

On Tuesday, ESPN announced that Michelle Beadle is replacing Steele as the full-time ABC and ESPN NBA Countdown host. In other words, Steele got fired!

Perhaps criticizing Muslim ban protesters at LAX Airport for "disrupting travel plans," saying the "worst racism" she received is from "Black people" and commenting that Black people shouldn't use the N-word was just too much for the Worldwide Leader in Sports to bear any longer.

Needless to say, upon learning the news of her axing, Twitter proceeded to clown the hell out of Steele with zero chill — with one site even calling her "Sunken Place Sage Steele," a tag that has seemingly caught fire on social media.

Here are several ways that Twitter dragged Sage Steele for being fired.

  1. 'Sunken Place Sage Steele' Became A Real Twitter Thing

    No chill whatsoever!

  2. And The Internet Gods Gave Us This Gem


  3. Smokey And Craig Died Laughing About It

    Nothing like a good laugh on the front stoop.

  4. Someone Simulated How ESPN Might Have Broke The News to Her

    You're FIRED!

  5. Another Simulated How Sage Might Have Taken The News


  6. Someone even offered Sage A Big Bucket of KFC

    Well, she did carve out a reputation for making one controversial comment after another, so she walked into this.

  7. Yet Another Reason why the internet remains undefeated

    Imagine this ...

  8. what if this was the start of an R&B Super Group?

    Good grief!

  9. 'Brrrrrrr ... What Happened To That Boy?'

    Should've known back then.

  10. Life Hits You Fast, Huh, Sage?

    "Self-hating queen of coon" ... damn.

  11. Perhaps this says it best

    You did it to yourself!

Written by BET Staff

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