Browns' Joe Thomas Trolled United Airlines for Dragging a Doctor Off an Overbooked Flight

CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 7: Joe Thomas #73 of the Cleveland Browns runs onto the field against the Indianapolis Colts during the game at FirstEnergy Stadium on December 7, 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Colts defeated the Browns 25-24. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Browns' Joe Thomas Trolled United Airlines for Dragging a Doctor Off an Overbooked Flight

The offensive tackle was stunned over their "re-accommodate" terminology.

Published April 10, 2017

People continue to slam United Airlines after they forcibly removed a doctor from an overbooked flight from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday. The doctor reportedly told the Airlines that he couldn't give up his seat because he had to see his patients, but that didn't stop him from being dragged off the flight.

As disturbing as the footage of the incident is, UA's apology, saying it's sorry for "having to re-accommodate these customers," is equally infuriating. Upon seeing the footage and reading UA's apology statement, Cleveland BrownsJoe Thomas proceeded to troll the Airlines, blasting them for the incident and its "re-accommodate" terminology.

Here's the now-infamous video followed by all the ways the Browns' offensive tackle ethered the Airlines.

  1. Here's the disturbing video that went viral

    That's not right.

  2. United Airlines' Apology Statement Seemingly Only Caused More Damage

    That "re-accommodate" part was something that caught the eye of Joe Thomas, who refused to let up on the Airlines.

  3. First, the offensive tackle tweeted about membership to private airline company, Wheels Up, sky-rocketing

    But Joe was just getting warmed up with his UA slander.

  4. That's when he latched on to United Airlines' 're-accommodate' terminology, remembering how he had to once 're-accommodate' someone on the football field


  5. He also reminisced upon the time that josh norman 're-accommodated' him

    United Airlines ... congratulations, you've played yourself.

  6. Joe even took his trolling to a new level, asking his Twitter followers if they'd rather be 're-accommodated' by United Airlines or body-slammed by The Rock?

    We'll go with the latter because even that would be smoother than being forcibly dragged off a flight.

  7. Joe saved the best for last, re-tweeting this person's 'Fight Club' section

    The Fight Club section you see highlighted above is where you get "re-accommodated." We're glad Joe Thomas slammed United Airlines with zero chill over this.

  8. And Many of his followers saluted the NFL player for his bashing of UA

    Having gone 1-15 last year, the Browns could use any win they could get. Salute, Joe!

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Joe Robbins/Getty Images)


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