Adrien Broner Is Back to Blasting Floyd Mayweather Jr., Calls Him a 'B***h'

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Adrien Broner Is Back to Blasting Floyd Mayweather Jr., Calls Him a 'B***h'

A heated exchange between AB and Money's boxer Gervonta Davis led to this.

Published April 11, 2017

Damn, it was all good just a week ago. But Adrien Broner is back to firing shots at Floyd Mayweather Jr. After posting a video of he and Mayweather vibing to Akon's classic "Ghetto" track just a few days ago, Broner jumped back on his Instagram account yesterday, calling Money a "b***h."

Why the sudden hostility after the boxers mended their damaged friendship? Well, according to AB, Floyd pit his Mayweather Promotions boxer Gervonta Davis against him — something that Broner wasn't feeling at all.

That's precisely why Broner and Davis exchanged heated words on IG before AB blasted Mayweather.

Here's how the back and forth between Broner and Davis sparked before AB's haymaker at Mayweather.

[Warning: Posts contain profanity].

  1. Gervonta 'Tank' Davis called out Adrien Broner on the 'Gram, Asking Mayweather to set up a fight between them

    And after I deal with that other pussy...Me and AB can get it rockinggg!! @floydmayweather set it up

    A post shared by Gervonta Davis (@gervontaa) on

    First, Davis has to defeat Liam Walsh in a May 20 bout. But AB heard the younger boxer loud and clear.

  2. And that's when Broner Went On A Profanity-Laced Tirade Blasting Both Davis And Mayweather, Saying 'Floyd, You a B***h!'

    Apparently, Broner thinks Mayweather fed Davis the idea that he could defeat AB, prompting the controversial boxer to go off on both. "You're too lil, man," Broner tells Davis, the 22-year-old junior lightweight to his heavier welterweight class. "I will f**k you up like Faizon Love did to the employee in the airport, boy."

    But wait — it got deeper. According to Broner, Mayweather told him that he doesn't really rock with Davis like that and poisoned his mind into taking shots at AB so Adrien could knock him out.

    "How you gonna let a f**k n***a turn you on me?" Broner said before saying, "Floyd, you a b***h."


  3. That prompted Davis to post a screenshot of an alleged text conversation between he and Broner

    #gervontadavis aka "Tank" vs #adrienbroner (see previous post)

    A post shared by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

    That's allegedly Gervonta in the blue and Adrien in the gray. Clearly, both sound ready, willing and able to pull up and do damage on sight.

  4. When AB saw the post, he retorted with this


    A post shared by Adrien Broner (@adrienbroner) on

    This comes from Davis posting Broner's alleged text, including the part where he says, "I ain't killed a n***a in a while."

  5. Broner Also reminded Davis that their friendship preceded Tank becoming a Mayweather Promotions fighter

    The pictures don't lie.

  6. He also told Davis that he could get this work from boxer Robert Easter

    My Brotha @roberteaster_jr Ready!!!! 💯💯💯 #HowBoutDahhh

    A post shared by Adrien Broner (@adrienbroner) on

    And the plot thickens...

  7. Tank didn't back down

    He's ready for action.

  8. Meanwhile, Mayweather Hasn't Fired Back at Broner (YET)

    Maybe because Mayweather is more focused on all the cash that he could rake in against Conor McGregor via a mega bout, which seems like it will happen according to UFC president Dana White.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo from left: TIBRINA HOBSON/AFP/Getty Images, Prince Williams/WireImage)


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