Serena's Fans Are Slamming Her 'Get Out' Haters for Criticizing This Cute IG Message to Her Baby

Serena Williams

Serena's Fans Are Slamming Her 'Get Out' Haters for Criticizing This Cute IG Message to Her Baby

"From the world's oldest number one to the world's youngest number one"

Published April 24, 2017

Only haters will find a way to drag and slander an incredibly touching moment.

That's exactly what's happening to Serena Williams right now after the tennis legend took to her Instagram account this morning to share a beautiful letter to her unborn child.

As sweet as the message was, haters used it as an opportunity to blast Serena for having a white fiancé in Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, telling her to Get Out. Still!?

That being said, even those slinging dirt were drowned out by all the love Serena's fans showered her with. Here's the tennis GOAT's precious IG post, followed by haters chiming in and Serena's fans eviscerating them.

  1. Serena Had That Glow When She Penned This Beautiful Message To Her Unborn Child


  2. Her fiance' Alexis Ohanian also posted this

    Too cute.

  3. But Her Touching IG didn't stop haters from telling her to 'Get Out'
    (Photo: dontaddme___ via Instagram)

    Clearly, there are those who are still irked over Serena being pregnant by a white man.

  4. One person went as far as to say that Serena would have never had a child with a black man
    (iamhisaddiction via Instagram)

    Her relationships with Common and Drake simply didn't work out. You mad?

  5. That's when Serena's fans had enough and clapped back on her behalf
    (Photo: kanittaj via Instagram)

    Talk to em.

  6. And they had zero chill burying her haters
    (Photo: hollyhoodjunkie_ via Insatgram)

    Match point, Serena's fans.

  7. That hate seeping in didn't have a chance with all this love

    Yes, Serena's emotional IG gave us all a case of the Mondays ... in a good way.

  8. Real Tears

    We love this!

  9. And hardcore tennis fans were equally in love with her letter

    We love that part of her letter, too. So precious.

  10. This Tweet Is Proof That the Internet Remains Undefeated

    This GIF speaks for all of us. Game over, haters.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Serena Williams via Instagram)


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