Falcons Draft Pick Takkarist McKinley Ripped a Sports Personality for Making Fun of His Grandma's Death

Takkarist McKinley

Falcons Draft Pick Takkarist McKinley Ripped a Sports Personality for Making Fun of His Grandma's Death

"The devil is alive and well."

Published May 1, 2017

With the 26th overall selection in the 2017 NFL Draft last Thursday night in Philadelphia, the Atlanta Falcons chose Takkarist McKinley. And the dominating defensive end delivered a Draft moment for the ages, carrying a large portrait of his late grandmother onto the stage and giving a passionate speech.

"It means everything, man ... I made a promise to her," McKinley told Hall of Famer turned analyst Deion Sanders. "Like I said, I was going to go D-I. I was going to get out of Richmond [California]. I was going to get out of Oakland. I was going to live my dream to play in the NFL. And I'm here, man. I completed the promise. That means every f**king thing to me."

Many football fans felt like the powerful moment stole the show at the Draft last week. Well, most.

For some inexplicable reason, Fox Sports personality Clay Travis used the moment as an opportunity to joke about McKinley's late grandma and the blown-up portrait of her that he brought onto the stage.

McKinley caught wind of the slander and clearly wasn't having it, screen-shotting Travis's tweets and commenting, "the devil is alive and well." And people totally backed McKinley on this, proceeding to drag the sports personality to hell and back. Sadly, Travis didn't get the hint about how wrong he was and actually trolled those defending McKinley.

Take a look and how McKinley and some football fans sacked Travis.

[Some tweets contain profanity].

  1. 'The Devil Is Alive And Well'

    It's crazy to us and a whole lot of other people, too, Takk.

  2. But Sadly, Travis Didn't Apologize, Reposting His Critics' Tweets And Responding To Them Instead

    Did he really say "If I were a black female Ghostbuster this would be a big deal story"? Wow.

  3. But Travis kept making it worse, actually embracing the 'devil' tag and warning 'hide your grandmas!'

    No words.

  4. One fan implored Takk to pull up on the sports personality and Travis trolled him, too

    This guy. SMH.

  5. And he just kept digging a bigger hole for himself


  6. But Takkarist Took to his Twitter Account Today To Further Let it be Known That The NFL Didn't Find Anything Wrong With His Passionate Speech And Tribute To His Grandma

    In other words, hold this L, Clay Travis.

Written by BET Staff

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