Fans Are in Love With Isaiah Thomas's Chill AF Reaction to Losing a Tooth During a Game

Isaiah Thomas

Fans Are in Love With Isaiah Thomas's Chill AF Reaction to Losing a Tooth During a Game

Good to see the Celtics' All-Star smile during this trying time.

Published May 1, 2017

As tough of a time as it has been for Isaiah Thomas, he was able to briefly laugh and smile yesterday. Albeit, a laugh and smile while missing a front tooth, but nevertheless, a much-needed moment to exhale.

Following his sister's funeral in Washington state, the All-Star point guard had 33 points and nine assists to lead his Boston Celtics to a 123-111 Game 1 victory over the Washington Wizards yesterday. But during that stellar performance, Thomas took an elbow from Wizards' Otto Porter with an instant replay showing the guard's front tooth flying out of his mouth.

Not only did Thomas nonchalantly pick up his tooth off the court, but he proceeded to rally the Celtics back with his big game.

During his post-game press conference, IT gave a chill AF reaction to losing his front tooth, with fans joining him on the jokes about his new look.

Here's the moment that Thomas lost his tooth, how he reacted to it after the game and all the hilarity and praise that ensued from fans thereafter. This gives a whole new meaning to fighting tooth and nail.

  1. The Moment When he Lost His Front Tooth

    You can really see it fly out of his mouth.

  2. Looks Like Isaiah Joking On His Teammates Came Right Back Around to Him

    Call it a slice of Celtics' tooth karma.

  3. Fans Immediately Trolled Isaiah's new way of pronouncing things

    Almost as no chill and zero Fs given as IT's reaction himself.

  4. Celtics Coach Brad Stevens Had Fun With It

    That open-tooth smile.

  5. The All-Star point guard's stat line said it all

    Memorable performance to say the least.

  6. One Fan Brilliantly Worked Paul Pierce's Retirement Into This

    Nice one.

  7. And another fan couldn't resist asking if Isaiah did the lost-tooth look better than WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy

    We got IT on this one. Sorry, Jeff.

  8. We're Crying Over This Comparison To Martin's Dragonfly Jonez Character

    Real tears over here.

  9. There Was Some Trolling Of LeBron James, Too

    Boston fans are clearly gearing up for a possible Celtics-Cleveland Cavaliers showdown in the Eastern Conference Finals.

  10. All Jokes Aside, People Recognize Thomas's Incredible Feats Under Such Distress

    Isaiah Thomas ... you, sir, are amazing. 

Written by Mark Lelinwalla

(Photo: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)


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