People Lost It Over LeBron James Pretending to Drink a Beer During a Cavs Game

LeBron James

People Lost It Over LeBron James Pretending to Drink a Beer During a Cavs Game

J.R. Smith's priceless reaction made it all the more hilarious.

Published May 2, 2017

LeBron James has been pretty unstoppable early on into these NBA playoffs. He continued flexing on the competition last night, scoring 35 points and grabbing 10 rebounds to lead his Cleveland Cavaliers to a 116-105 victory over the Toronto Raptors in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference semifinals series.

King James was so cool, calm and in control last night that after being fouled during a hard drive to the basket in the third quarter, he grabbed a beer from a courtside server at Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena and jokingly pretended the drink it.

LeBron's mid-game happy hour attempt flipped the internet upside down, as people completely lost their minds on Twitter and Instagram over the hilarious moment. What made it even funnier was teammate J.R. Smith's priceless reaction. Given Smith's old reputation for partying hard at clubs, this is nothing short of social media gold.

Here's King James pretending to drink a beer during the game followed by all the hilarity that ensued.

  1. LeBron Nearly Turned The NBA Playoffs Into a live, Mid-Game Beer Ad

    Too funny.

  2. J.R. Smith Hilariously Imagined What People Would Have Said If He Grabbed The Beer From That Courtside Server

    "It wouldn't have been taken the right way" is correct.

  3. Taking His Cue, People Joked About J.R. being LeBron's wingman

    That last one, though. Zero chill!

  4. And the nod to J.R.'s wild reputation of the past only continued ...

    Too real.

  5. Another J.R.-LeBron Take

    Just imagine if Bron really would have handed J.R. that beer.

  6. After the J.R. Jokes Ended, It really hit people that LeBron almost took a swig of beer during a playoff game

    😂😁LeBron was about to take a drink of the booze lol ! #kingjames #lebron #cavs #cle_cavs_nation #lebron

    A post shared by Cleveland Cavaliers (@cle_cavs_nation) on

    It would have been crazy if he actually did take a sip.

  7. But what if ...


  8. On another note, the Raptors Have Got to be irate about this

    Yes, LeBron pretending to drink a beer mid-game could be construed that he's totally unbothered by the Raptors in this playoff series and he's setting a tone to say just that.

  9. It could also be deciphered as King James silencing any haters

    There were plenty of critics saying the defending champion Cavs look shaky entering this postseason. Well, so far they're 5-0 and shining, shining, shining, shining, yeaaah!

  10. Balling as well as he has, LeBron Should Have Taken a Sip

    Definitely earned it ... or a "red wine" as he joked after the game.

Written by Mark Lelinwalla

(Photo: Jason Miller/Getty Images)


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