Kevin Durant Told the Jazz Mascot 'Get the F*** Off the Court'

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Told the Jazz Mascot 'Get the F*** Off the Court'

People applauded the Warriors' All-Star for being a savage.

Published May 8, 2017

Kevin Durant has been in savage mode since he signed with the Golden State Warriors last summer.

The latest example of KD exercising zero chill came Saturday night during Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinals between his Golden State Warriors and the Utah Jazz.

With just over three minutes remaining in the game and the Warriors holding onto an eight-point lead coming off a timeout, the Jazz Bear mascot was in the middle of hyping up the home crowd when a triggered KD told him, "Get the f*** off the court!"

Scathing! And absolutely hilarious, as the internet definitely approved.

  1. Look at the disgust on KD's face when he said it

    Oh, that Jazz mascot definitely learned that KD ain't the one Saturday night.

  2. The Internet Made Drizzy Give It Up

    Clap for the man.

  3. We couldn't agree with this tweet any more


  4. Durant had the Thunder mascot like ...

    What you got for Rumble the Bison out here, Kev?

  5. But Still, KD's Haters Couldn't Resist Calling Him a Snake For Leaving OKC

    OKC will never let him live this down. Neither will Russell Westbrook.

  6. For real, though, why was the Jazz mascot on the court so close to play resuming in the fourth quarter?

    Come on, bruh! We mean Bear.

  7. Hate on KD if you'd like, but can't deny this clip

    Too good.

  8. And the #Savage stamp has been certified


Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)


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