People Are Roasting the Hell Out of Lonzo Ball Rapping Over Drake's 'Free Smoke'

Lonzo Ball

People Are Roasting the Hell Out of Lonzo Ball Rapping Over Drake's 'Free Smoke'

Should the future NBA baller stick to hoops or is this low-key fire?

Published May 8, 2017

LaVar Ball and his son Lonzo were severely dragged last week when they introduced Lonzo's Big Baller Brand ZO2 Prime sneakers with a price tag of $495.

Well, it turns out that ZO2 is also the rap name that Lonzo goes by.

Last night, Lonzo tweeted out a Soundcloud link of himself and an artist named DC the Don rapping over Drake's "Free Smoke."

After months of LaVar hyping his son, you already know that Twitter is slamming Lonzo's bars. But to the future NBA player's defense, some of his followers really liked what they heard as well.

Should Lonzo stick to hoops or is this track low-key fire?

  1. Here's How Lonzo Released The Track

    "Free Smoke, Free Smoke" or complete joke, complete joke?

  2. At first, people couldn't believe that lonzo raps


  3. And they didn't waste time letting him know how they felt about his rhymes

    Discard those bars.

  4. One Follower Told Him to Cut It

    In his best O.T. Genasis voice:  "This track doesn't hit hard, you need to cut it!"

  5. But in Lonzo's defense, there were those who warmed up to and even co-signed his rap skills

    Agree with this being "low-key fire"?

  6. That being said, some took it too far

    HOW, SWAY!?

  7. People Did Seem to Cling to a certain line

    Of course, we all know by now that Lonzo is not sponsored by Nike, Adidas or Under Armour, as they all shot down the idea to co-brand with the Big Baller Brand. So, in other words, Lonzo is self-sponsored and working independently.

  8. A couple of reviewers didn't hold back with their scathing takes


  9. T.I. Said He Might Listen to Lonzo's Rap, but would prefer him focusing on basketball


  10. Whether you approve of Lonzo rhyming or not, there's a solid chance of him being a Top Three pick in the 2017 NBA Draft

    As the 19-year-old out of UCLA said himself on the song, "In a couple months I'll be in a mansion with my car clean and my diamonds dancing." Let's see if he does become the newest Los Angeles Lakers' player next month.

Written by BET Staff

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