Steph Curry and Kevin Durant Hilariously Reacted to This Reporter Saying 'Kerfuffle'

Kevin Durant, Steph Curry

Steph Curry and Kevin Durant Hilariously Reacted to This Reporter Saying 'Kerfuffle'

And Twitter joined in on the fun.

Published May 8, 2017

Following the Golden State Warriors' 102-91 win over the Utah Jazz in Game 3 of their Western Conference semifinals playoff series on Saturday night, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant sat down to take questions from the media in a postgame press conference.

But one reporter managed to completely throw the Warriors' All-Stars for a loop by using the word "kerfuffle" to describe the shoving match between KD and Jazz center Rudy Gobert.

Awestruck, the back-and-forth hilarity that ensued between Curry and KD was priceless.

"That is a WORD right there," Curry said.

Durant replied, "What’d you say?"

"Kerfluffle," Steph shot back.

"Good job, bro," KD added.

HA! And Twitter loved every second of it, too, joining in on the fun.

  1. This Reporter Really Tried To Sneak 'Kerfuffle' Past Steph and KD

    How did dude use the word without busting out laughing?

  2. Steph and KD's reaction had people press rewind and keeping this clip on repeat

    It is funny how Curry tried and failed to identify and pronounce the word.

  3. And Fans out there were equally amazed that 'kerfuffle' actually came out of that reporter's mouth

    Just ... why?

  4. This particular part of the Steph-KD conversation is too good

    Real tears.

  5. Even fellow members of the media had to LOL about this one

    That reporter has to hold this L.

  6. This Tweet Wins The Internet

    Twitter fingers.

  7. But hold up ... was this the reporter who used 'kerfuffle'?


  8. Game 3 was in Utah ...

    Does that explain it all? With the Warriors up 3-0 in the series, Game 4 will be tonight in Utah.

Written by BET Staff

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