LeBron James Clapped All the Way Back at This Reporter and Fans Loved It

LeBron James

LeBron James Clapped All the Way Back at This Reporter and Fans Loved It

"You always come around when we lose, I swear."

Published May 22, 2017

A poor 11-point, six-turnover performance from LeBron James paved the way for his Cleveland Cavaliers to lose to the Boston Celtics, 111-108, in Game 3 of their Eastern Conference Finals series last night.

The fact that his Cavs blew a 21-point lead against an Isaiah Thomas-less Celtics for their first loss of this post-season only put King James more on edge.

It didn't help that a heckler criticized LeBron's performance on his own home court after the game, leading James to ask the guy, "What have you done?"

All that led to King James having a testy exchange with a reporter during the postgame press conference. When WHBC.com's Kenny Roda asked James about his dismal game, the three-time NBA champion dropped the hammer on him.

"I was just pretty poor," James said. "What else do you want me to say? It seems like you only ask questions when we lose. You always come around when we lose, I swear."

That being said, the internet was there for King James's clapback, offering these hilarious takes.

  1. Here's How This Reporter Triggered LeBron

    Not on his watch!

  2. And check out this ice grill that King James shot the reporter's way after the press conference was over


  3. Upon seeing the clip, people couldn't stop laughing

    Real tears over here, too.

  4. This reminds us of LeBron's Notorious Block On Andre Iguodala In Last Year's Finals


  5. Did LeBron Channel E-40 Out Here?


  6. Of course there were people who used the moment to take shots at the King and say Michael Jordan would've never been that salty

    #Facts or nah?

  7. But any hate got drowned out by this tweet, which proves the Internet is undefeated

    That's exactly how LeBron treated dude.

  8. Here's Another way to look at it ...

    OMG. We're dead.

  9. At the end of the day, it was another reason to certify his status as King James

    Even after a loss, Bron made sure to make everyone bow down.

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