People Lost It Over This Fan Who Had a Warriors Jersey Under His Cavs Shirt

LeBron James, Steph Curry

People Lost It Over This Fan Who Had a Warriors Jersey Under His Cavs Shirt

Major plot twist.

Published May 24, 2017

You never know what's going to happen when cameras in a stadium pan around and put the spotlight on fans.

That was definitely the case last night at Quicken Loans Arena, where the Cleveland Cavaliers scored a 112-99 home win over the Boston Celtics to attain a 3-1 lead in their Eastern Conference Finals.

During one point in the game, cameras caught a young fan rocking a Cavs shirt, only to pull up the garment and expose a Golden State Warriors Steph Curry jersey underneath. Of course, the Cavs and Warriors are rivals, with hoop fans salivating over the teams playing an imminent NBA Finals trilogy, so the timing of the fan's switch made the moment all the more crazy.

The gesture had Cavs fans at the Q in complete disbelief and triggered a wave of hilarious reactions on Twitter. These (undercover) fans will change on you!

  1. Just Look At This Kid Switch Allegiances In a Heartbeat

    So this happened at the Cavs game today. 😂😂😂

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  2. And people died laughing on sight

    As wrong as it is, it's too funny.

  3. The Major Plot Twist Was Like ...


  4. Keep Your Eyes on the lady on the bottom right corner when the kid exposes his Curry jersey

    Is that what she said!? HA!

  5. Well, this could explain dude switching squads

    They're only with you when you're up, LeBron.

  6. Maybe the young fella is a betting man

    Who is he gonna pick when they play in the Finals, though? Hmm ...

  7. Real Talk, though ... this kid needs to make a choice

    Only one team can be crowned champs, son.

  8. One Cavs Fan Was Ultra Tight

    Sheesh! Well, that's taking it way too far, but we understand you being irked.

  9. Based on the fact that he's a kid, Twitter labeled him a bandwagon fan

    With back-to-back MVPs, Steph probably garnered plenty of new fans.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Jay Laprete/AFP/Getty Images)


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