Fans Are Loving the Timing of Kyrie Irving's 'NBA 2K18' Cover

Kyrie Irving

Fans Are Loving the Timing of Kyrie Irving's 'NBA 2K18' Cover

But others think Russell Westbrook should have got it.

Published June 1, 2017

Earlier today, 2K Sports announced that Kyrie Irving will grace the cover of its NBA 2K18 video game. And the timing couldn't have been any more perfect with his Cleveland Cavaliers set to tip off their NBA Finals trilogy against the Golden State Warriors tonight in Oakland.

That being said, Uncle Drew's fans represented for their favorite player getting this prestigious look in a major way on Twitter and Instagram, managing to fend off his haters in the process.

Take a look at these reactions.

  1. Here's how the good folks behind 'NBA 2K18' unleashed Kyrie Irving as its cover subject


  2. And it was an instant hit for fans of the Cavs' All-Star point guard


  3. The Congratulations came pouring in

    Well deserved.

  4. And With the Finals tipping off tonight, people loved the timing of this announcement

    Kyrie definitely earned this cover. His fans were waiting patiently for it, too.

  5. Mountain Dew, which sponsors Irving, was all too happy to post this GIF of the Cavs' guard flexing

    Let's see if this translates into Game 1 of the Finals tonight.

  6. Some Fans felt like Russell Westbrook was more deserving of this cover

    In their defense, Russell Westbrook did average a triple-double for the season.

  7. But critics were drowned out with love from Kyrie's fans

    Do you agree?

  8. Fans also reminded haters of the dagger that Kyrie Hit over Steph Curry in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, giving the Cavs the title win

    That was clutch to the 10th power.

  9. Kiss the ring, haters

    Now, let's see if Kyrie can add to his hardware.

Written by BET Staff

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