Muhammad Ali Jr. Says He's Been 'Cut Off Completely' and Is Nearly Homeless

Muhammad Ali Jr.

Muhammad Ali Jr. Says He's Been 'Cut Off Completely' and Is Nearly Homeless

"This isn't what my dad would have wanted."

Published June 5, 2017

Shortly after Muhammad Ali died last June, a story surfaced about his estranged son, Muhammad Ali Jr., living in poverty in Chicago's South Side.

Although a subsequent report claimed that Ali Jr. received his portion of the $80 million inheritance that the late boxing great and global sports icon left to his children and widow, the 45-year-old claims that he has only received three "measly payments" of $2,500 in the past two months. He also claims that he's on the brink of becoming homeless.

"It looks like I've just been cut off completely [by his siblings]. I don't have a bank account, so they've had to wire money to me," Ali Jr. told the Mirror. "It's been a rough year. This isn't what my dad would have wanted. He would have wanted me to be OK, have a place to stay, have my money. I'm going to live off water now, as that's all I can afford. Getting food is hard, as I don't have a cent to my name. I just find a way somehow to get food each day. I've got nowhere I call home anymore."

Ali Jr. says he has been sleeping on a friend's floor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

He further told the Mirror that his seven sisters and adopted brother had reached an agreement over the inheritance money, but that he has yet to receive his negotiated share.

Earlier this year, one of the late boxing legend's daughters tried to knock out rumored reports that his children and Ali's widow, Lonnie, were feuding over his $80 million estate.

"My father raised me and my siblings to love each other and that is exactly who we are — very loving people," Ali's oldest daughter, Maryum Ali, told back in January. "We are not in any feuds with each other or with our stepmother, Lonnie."

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