Everyone's Losing It Over LeBron's Reaction to a Reporter Asking This Question

LeBron James

Everyone's Losing It Over LeBron's Reaction to a Reporter Asking This Question

"A savage response."

Published June 5, 2017

Don't ever try LeBron James with a silly question.

One reporter did just that last night, following the Golden State Warriors' 132-113 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2 of the NBA Finals ... and King James wasn't pleased.

After the reporter asked LeBron about the importance of his Cavs defending home court down 2-0 in the series, the three-time NBA MVP shot back, "Well, I mean ... are you a smart guy?"

"I think so," the reporter responded.

"You think so, right?" James continued clapping back. "So, if we don't defend home court what happens? I'm asking you."

The reporter replied, saying the Cavs would get "swept," LeBron said, "Alright, so that answers your question."


And can you really blame, Bron?

Down 2-0 in the Finals, of course it's important to defend home court! Come on, bruh! Needless to say, the internet died laughing over LeBron shutting this reporter down.

  1. LeBron played the hell out of this reporter for that ignorant question

    The guy did it to himself.

  2. Certified Savage

    LeBron had to do it. We're not the least bit mad, either.

  3. LeBron Was like ...

    Too funny.

  4. But let's keep it 100, though ...


  5. Even King James's critics felt him on this one

    True, indeed.

  6. Some of his haters did call him a 'baby' for dragging this reporter

    Do you agree or nah?

  7. But His Critics Got Drowned Out With Realism Quickly

    Not at all. A terrible question.

  8. This tweet wins the Internet today

    Zero chill.

  9. But in all seriousness, ask better questions to the King, so he's not looking at you like ...

    Say that again!

Written by BET Staff

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