This Heated LeBron-KD Argument Got Meme'd to Death in Game 4

Kevin Durant, LeBron James

This Heated LeBron-KD Argument Got Meme'd to Death in Game 4

"Where the broom at, though?"

Published June 10, 2017

The Cleveland Cavaliers refused to be swept, scoring a 137-116 win over the Golden State Warriors in Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday night.

The Cavs stayed alive on the strength of a 40-point game from Kyrie Irving, LeBron James's triple-double (31 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds) and a new Finals record of 24 3-pointers from the overall team.

But in addition to the Cavs living to see another day, people lost it over a heated argument that King James had with Kevin Durant during the third quarter of the game. The tense exchange between the NBA superstars got meme'd to death with these hilarious, no-chill reactions that were pure internet gold.

  1. Things Got Heated between LeBron And KD During Game 4

    Neither NBA superstar was backing down.

  2. People instantly got their popcorn ready

    It's lit!

  3. What Sweep!?

    Was Bron telling KD that?

  4. And people couldn't resist using their argument to crack jokes on their hair

    No Fs given here.

  5. But for real, what were they saying to each other?

    We need audio from their exchange asap.

  6. Twitter didn't hesitate simulating their heated argument

    Oh, is that what was going on there? Ha!

  7. Perhaps they were arguing over whose bars are better

    Both should stick to hoops, though.

  8. This fan was savage for this


  9. People were waiting for hands to be thrown

    But there would be zero fireworks beyond their words.

  10. In fact, the two former MVPs did squash whatever their beef was later in the game

    And even then, people had jokes. Real tears. The internet remains undefeated. And just like that, the Finals are back to that infamous Warriors' 3-1 lead.

Written by BET Staff


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