Did Khole Break The 'Curse of The Kardashians' As The Cavs' Good Luck Charm In Game 4?

Khloe Kardashian

Did Khole Break The 'Curse of The Kardashians' As The Cavs' Good Luck Charm In Game 4?

Well, people have mixed reactions about it.

Published June 10, 2017

Earlier in these NBA Finals, Jalen Rose had zero Fs given when he mentioned the "curse of the Kardashians" as a reason for Tristan Thompson's dismal play and the Cleveland Cavaliers being in an 0-3 hole.

Well, with Tristan's girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, supporting her man at Quicken Loans Arena in The Land for Game 4 on Friday night, the power forward got back to being a menace on the boards with 10 rebounds, while LeBron James and Kyrie Irving combined for 71 points to make sure that the Cavs stayed alive via a 137-116 victory.

And just like that fans wondered whether Khloe had managed to reverse the so-called curse to actually become the Cavs' good-luck charm. Some fans think so, imploring her to show up for Game 5 on Monday night as well. But others didn't feel that way at all. Here are the mixed reactions that Khloe triggered for attending Game 4 of the Finals.

  1. Here's Khloe Cheering On Her Boo and his Cavs

    Khloe was in full force at the Q for Game 4.

  2. Because the Cavs won Game 4 with her in attendance, people believe Khloe must attend Game 5, too

    Is that so?

  3. Others say Khloe broke the "curse" that Jalen Rose was talking about

    From being the curse to breaking the curse and being the Cavs' good-luck charm? Ok.

  4. Former NBA Coach and current ABC analyst, Jeff Van Gundy, Came to Khloe's Defense during the game and people hit him with mixed reactions for it

    Agree or disagree with what he said?

  5. But there are still Cavs' fans who couldn't care less about her


  6. And Twitter was so wrong for this flagrant foul

    That ain't right.

  7. Are you here for Khloe pulling up to Game 5?

    Is the whole "curse of the Kardashians" overhyped or would you rather not see Khloe during the NBA Finals at all?

Written by BET Staff

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