People Are Ultra Salty Over Kevin Durant and the Warriors Winning the NBA Title

LeBron James, Kevin Durant

People Are Ultra Salty Over Kevin Durant and the Warriors Winning the NBA Title

"Westbrook looking at KD's fake title like ..."

Published June 13, 2017

Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors are your 2017 NBA champions. And that isn't sitting well with a bunch of haters.

Ultra salty hoop fans showed no love for KD and Dub City defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Monday night to be crowned champs.

They blasted Durant for joining the squad, which beat him the year before, bringing up Russell Westbrook and adding that KD's move was "weak" to drive their point home. These reactions are the epitome of being petty with zero chill. Oh, the hate!

  1. You would think that people would be happy for KD winning his first NBA title and Finals MVP

    But that just wasn't the full story.

  2. People called him 'fake' and added that he took the 'weakest way' to get that title

    Do you agree?

  3. And haters only upped the ante, wishing this upon warriors fans


  4. No respect!?

    Hate comes before love in the dictionary, we guess.

  5. And the Russell Westbrook burn was out in full effect


  6. There was more where that came from, too

    Good grief!

  7. KD did get his fair share of love ...

    But that love would be drowned out with internet dragging and slander of the highest power.

  8. 'Weakest Way to a championship,' one hoops fan said

    Ya'll ain't letting KD live on this one, huh?

  9. People Already Wishing For KD to leave Dub City Like He Did With OKC

    This reaction came too soon. Come on now!

  10. No matter how you feel, though, this is the bottom line

    KD has added NBA champion and Finals MVP to his prolific basketball resume. Congrats.

Written by BET Staff

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