NFL Hall of Famer Tim Brown Is Getting Destroyed for Criticizing Marshawn Lynch Boycotting the National Anthem

Tim Brown, Marshawn Lynch

NFL Hall of Famer Tim Brown Is Getting Destroyed for Criticizing Marshawn Lynch Boycotting the National Anthem

"Tim Brown is cancelled."

Published August 15, 2017

Marshawn Lynch didn't bother to explain why he sat during the national anthem this past weekend before his Oakland Raiders faced the Arizona Cardinals. Perhaps that's because the veteran running back has been boycotting the anthem for most of his NFL career.

Yet, a certain Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Raiders great has an issue with Lynch sitting during the national anthem.

Speaking to TMZ Sports on Tuesday, Tim Brown simply wanted to know "why" Lynch would protest the national anthem after returning to the NFL and having a chance to play for his hometown Oakland.

"Why, man? Why bring this to yourself? He has the perfect thing going on in Oakland. Why bring negativity to this incredible, positive situation? I just don't get it," the retired, legendary Hall of Famer said. "I understand these guys, man, they're trying to make statements and they're trying to be a part of this world, but football is where people go to get away from that stuff."

Brown's criticism of Lynch came a day after former NFL tight end Jermichael Finley called Beast Mode's and Michael Bennett's national anthem protests "marketing" and acts of being "selfish," suggesting that they stick to playing football.

Needless to say, people aren't feeling Brown right about now and they proceeded to drag and destroy the Hall of Famer on Twitter with zero chill.

  1. Here's Tim Brown's pointed criticism of Marshawn Lynch's silent protest

    Tim had to know that he was going to catch hell for saying that Marshawn was bringing negativity for sitting during the national anthem.

  2. And just like that, people responding by canceling Tim Brown and Jermichael Finley

    Offsides, fellas.

  3. Soon enough, Tim Brown had the 'coon' label slapped onto him

    He walked right into these tweets with his comments.

  4. But for real, Tim, what was negative about Marshawn exercising his right to boycott the national anthem?

    Ask us and Lynch and Bennett are making a difference much like Colin Kaepernick did last season. What's negative about that?

  5. At the end of the day, this reaction might be a little too rough, but it spoke for many people's feelings about Brown's criticism of Lynch

    Not on Twitter's watch, Tim. Considering that Brown was one of the greatest Raiders of all time, we thought he might see eye-to-eye with Lynch on this. We guess we were wrong.

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