People Are Losing It Over This Reporter's Reaction To Getting Caught Reading A Text On Camera

Manuel DeLeon

People Are Losing It Over This Reporter's Reaction To Getting Caught Reading A Text On Camera

"My ole lady caught a G slipping."

Published September 5, 2017

An unexpected moment at the game usually spells quality entertainment, especially when it plays out live on national television.

That's exactly what happened to an unsuspecting sports reporter named Manuel DeLeon after the Alabama Crimson Tide flattened the Florida State Seminoles in college football action Saturday night.

As Alabama coach Nick Saban was being interviewed on the field, DeLeon was spotted in the background seemingly reading a text on his cell and hilariously attempting to hide his face and walk off the field as quickly as possible.

The now-viral moment led many to believe that DeLeon got caught out there by his girlfriend, with the reporter even taking to his Twitter account and joking, "my ole lady caught a G slipping."

Hilarious! Take a look at this infamous footage and all the hilarity that ensued.

  1. The Moment when you get caught out there on camera with a live national tv audience watching

    His reaction was priceless!

  2. People instantly died laughing

    Probably the funniest thing you'll see all day.

  3. And DeLeon took the hilarity in stride, poking fun at himself over the whole moment

    The fact that he can joke about what Twitter turned this into makes it even funnier.

  4. He was caught on camera like...

    Pure internet gold.

  5. And people came up with all different types of hilarious explanations for why he reacted like that, including DeLeon, himself, joining in on the fun too

    In real tears over here.

  6. But DeLeon let it be known that he was right where he needed to be

    The man was doing his job.

  7. And it's dope that he's having as much fun with this moment as everyone else


Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Steven J. Wilson via Twitter)


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