Wife Of Texas A&M Coach Kevin Sumlin Posts Racist Hate Mail That He Received

Kevin Sumlin

Wife Of Texas A&M Coach Kevin Sumlin Posts Racist Hate Mail That He Received

"You're a n***a and can't win."

Published September 8, 2017

Texas A&M's football team lost its season opener to UCLA on Sunday.

An end result was Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin receiving a sickening, racist piece of hate mail, which his wife, Charlene, tweeted out yesterday for everyone to see.

The letter starts out telling Sumlin, "You suck as a coach!"

It goes on to say, "You're a n***a and can't win! Please get lost! Or else."


Here's the hate mail and all the reactions to it.

  1. Kevin Sumlin's wife wanted everyone to see the kind of vile hate mail her husband received

    Absolutely reprehensible.

  2. Upon learning of the letter, Texas A&M's president and director of athletics issued a statement condemning it

    Unrelated, but earlier in the same week, a member of the school's board of regents, Tony Buzbee, called for Sumlin to be fired.

  3. People instantly wanted to know who sent the 'sickening' note

    Extremely sad, but racism is still very much alive.

  4. One person traced back the address on the envelope to the Houston Country Club

    Shaking our heads in disgust over how hideous the sender of this note is.

  5. About that address, though...

    Coward, indeed. Put a name on it so we can put a face to that name.

  6. To the 'Or else' part of the letter, people sent out warnings of their own

    We do sincerely hope that the coward behind this letter gets outed. Terrible.

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