Floyd Mayweather Says Trump Spoke Like A “Real Man” With ‘Grab Her By The P****y’ Remark

Floyd Mayweather Says Trump Spoke Like A “Real Man” With ‘Grab Her By The P****y’ Remark

The comments were made in an interview for 'Hollywood Unlocked.'

Published September 14, 2017

From attending Donald Trump’s inauguration to posing for ‘usies’ at Trump Towers, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has made it clear that he’s in favor of President Trump.

Mayweather’s latest show of support comes as he defended Trump’s controversial comments about inappropriately touching women in 2005. Last October, Access Hollywood released a clip of then-presidential candidate Trump said, “Grab them by the p****. You can do anything,” during a taped conversation with Billy Bush.

In an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Mayweather said, “He speak like a real man spoke. Real men speak like, ‘Man, she had a fat ass. You see her ass? I had to squeeze her ass. I had to grab that fat ass.’ Right? So he talking locker room talk. Locker room talk. ‘I’m the man, you know what I’m saying? You know who I am. Yeah, I grabbed her by the p***y. And?’”

Not stopping there, he went on to touch critics of the president saying, “The thing is: too many people are worried about what Trump is doing and what other presidents are doing, instead of worrying about what you’re trying to do and what level you’re trying to get to.”

The 50-0 boxer also shared his opinions on President’s Trump’s decision to end DACA. “You meet people from other countries that be like, ‘Oh, I love my country. I love this. I love that.’ I say, ‘If you love your country so much, why you here? You taking up space for other people. We got some other Americans that would love your job.’ But remember, this country will give somebody else from a whole other country that they don’t know s**t about a loan before they even give the American citizens a loan,” he added.

Whew! Who knew the champ had such strong political views?

Written by Jasmine Washington


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