People Lost It Over Odell Beckham Jr. Simulating A Dog Urinating For His Touchdown Dance

Odell Beckham Jr.

People Lost It Over Odell Beckham Jr. Simulating A Dog Urinating For His Touchdown Dance

"I'm a dog, so I acted like a dog."

Published September 25, 2017

Sometimes you just never know with Odell Beckham Jr.

The New York Giants' superstar wide receiver had two very different touchdown celebrations in the team's heartbreaking loss to the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday.

After hauling in his first TD, Beckham inexplicably imitated a dog urinating in the end zone and was whistled for unsportsmanlike conduct. After his second TD, OBJ raised his fist in the air.

Those displays, especially the dog simulation, were more than enough for people to absolutely lose it on Twitter.

  1. Here's Odell Beckham Jr. simulating a dog urinating after scoring his first touchdown and raising a fist after his second TD


  2. After the game, he explained the celebration like this ...

    "I'm a dog, so I acted like a dog," he told reporters after the game.

  3. The New York Daily News used the celebration as an excuse to run this back-page headline

    New York City newspapers have zero chill whatsoever.

  4. And out of all the days to do this ...

    Yes, on a day where many NFL players responded to Donald Trump calling any protesting players a "son of a b***h" by locking arms, kneeling or not showing up for the anthem altogether, Beckham did this.

  5. One person saw Beckham's dog show and recommended ...

    Oh, lord.

  6. But there were people that found it funny

    Funny or classless?

  7. Here's another take ...

    We know what Beckham was thinking with that second TD celebration. But that first one?

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Joe Robbins/Getty Images)


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