Matt Barnes Blasts Trump In Letter Over The President Finding The Time To 'Attack Black Athletes'

Matt Barnes, Donald Trump

Matt Barnes Blasts Trump In Letter Over The President Finding The Time To 'Attack Black Athletes'

"You made us athletes realize that together we are the strongest, most influential group on earth."

Published September 28, 2017

Amidst everything going on — hurricane relief efforts in Houston and Puerto Rico to threats of war with North Korea and serious questions about health care to name a few — President Trump keeps finding time to verbally assault protesting NFL players. And fellow athletes are sick and tired of it.

One of them is Matt Barnes. The NBA free-agent forward, who last played for the champion Golden State Warriors last season, took to his Instagram account yesterday and posted a Business Insider article entitled, "SOLDIERS SPEAK OUT ON KAEPERNICK: His protest 'makes him more American than anyone.'"

In his IG caption to that post, Barnes wrote a letter to Trump, blasting 45, saying, "You find the time to attack Black athletes for peacefully taking a knee, or not wanting to meet you" and "not only do you disrespect them as men, but you have the nerve to disrespect their mothers."

With that, Barnes was referring to Trump disinviting Steph Curry to the White House, despite the two-time NBA champion having already said he wasn't going to go well before, and the president calling any protesting NFL player a "son of a b***h."

And Barnes had a lot more to say in that letter, also speaking with TMZ Sports today to add to his frustration with Trump.

Disrespect athletes, 45, and they're going to clap back. Enough is enough. Here's Matt Barnes' letter to Trump, his interview with TMZ and a couple of his other IG posts that prove that athletes like him are fed up with this president.

  1. Just as Trump has the time to verbally assault black athletes, Matt Barnes had time to pen this letter to the president, blasting him for his treatment of athletes

    Dear Mr President A million things cross my mind when I think about what I'd say to U if I had the chance.. Maybe the fact that the worlds been hit w several natural disasters in the last few months, people have lost everything from lives, homes electricity & water! Not to mention the KKK marched & preached their hate in Charlottesville & basically over looked that with your half ass explanation of the situation.. Despite all those REAL WORLD ISSUES, U find the time to attack black athletes for peacefully taking a knee, or not wanting to meet U. Not only do U disrespect them as men, but U have the nerve to disrespect their mothers! "Unheard of from a man in your position of power" These men are speaking up for the millions out there w/o a voice, utilizing their platform in a peaceful manner to bring attention to the disgusting ways minorities are treated in this country. U speak on the disrespect towards our vets who served & the flag. But if U really cared how these vets felt, why are there thousands of homeless vets living under highway overpasses, thousands hooked on drugs & thousands with no health care..?? If U really cared about these vets like U claim U do, start with fixing those problems!! That's only if U really care, but I don't think that's really the issue here.. I think U & your "good ole boys" are mad that these BLACK athletes who makes millions, have brains & are educated, run business now have the fucking nerve to make a stand!! U don't like that we use our platforms to call U on your mistakes & speak out against these men & women who are sworn to protect & serve, & how they continue killing unarmed minorities, not only are they killing them but it's being filming & they still get away w it! U think to "MakeAmericanGreat" we have to go back to the way things were 50-60 yrs ago. But let me show you where U fucked up.. Coming 4 Sports!! Sports is the one thing that brings the world together, no matter the race religion or sexual preference. For those 2hrs none of that superficial shit matters! U made us athletes realize that together we are the strongest most influential group on earth! Now watch us work TOGETHER ✊🏽

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    We love Barnes saying, "You made us athletes realize that together, we are the strongest, most influential group on earth" and "now watch us work TOGETHER." Yes, let 45 know!

  2. And Barnes let TMZ Sports know that he isn't worried about Trump possibly shifting his attention from the NFL to the NBA, either

    Barnes' reason? "Once you attack sports," he said, "you attack all of us." Athletes are definitely going to stick together, despite the divisiveness that comes out of Trump's mouth.

  3. And Prior to Barnes even writing the letter to Trump, he had these choice words for the president ...

    Stay Focused!!

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  4. He had also re-posted this IG, supporting any NFL player kneeling during the national anthem as a form of protest

    Salute to Matt Barnes for speaking on it.

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