The Rock Talking S**t About 'Black Rose' Has People Reminding Tyrese He Can't Beat A WWE Superstar

Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese

The Rock Talking S**t About 'Black Rose' Has People Reminding Tyrese He Can't Beat A WWE Superstar

"Tyrese forgot that The Rock used to talk s**t for a living."

Published October 11, 2017

Earlier today, Tyrese posted an old video of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson jokingly roasting the R&B artist's last album, Black Rose. Although the video was made in fun at the time, when the two were on friendly terms, Tyrese posted it today to say "haters come in many forms."

Really, it would make much more sense if Black Ty looked at this video as a reference at how skilled The Rock is at s**t-talking — a gift he exhibited regularly from his days as a WWE Superstar — and not continue his beef with the Hollywood actor.

But since Tyrese has failed to do that thus far, people are doing it for him, reminding the singer/actor of The Rock's history as arguably the greatest trash talker in WWE history.

  1. Here's The Old Video Of The Rock Defecating On 'Black Rose'

    Although Tyrese posted it on his IG today to call Johnson a "hater," the move severely backfired.

  2. People Immediately took the video as a cue to remind Tyrese That The Rock's History As a Top-Notch Trash Talker In The WWE Should Never Be Forgotten Nor Tested

    The Rock was definitely that dude — and still is.

  3. Honestly, Tyrese should have quit it when The Rock fired shots at him earlier in the week, telling him that 'big dogs eat' and 'lil crying puppies stay on the porch'

    The Rock isn't to be tested out here.

  4. Kevin Hart caught wind of the clip and did a response video as if he were shooting a WWE promo himself

    Who he calling LITTLE PUPPY???? This message is for @therock

    A post shared by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) on


  5. but back to Tyrese and The Rock, Ty might want to get familiar with The Great One's knack for delivering great insults from his WWE days

    These jabs are brutal! You sure you want this, Tyrese?

  6. At this point, Tyrese's best bet is to either pull up on The Rock like this or challenge him to a 'WrestleMania' match

    So, what's it going to be, Black Ty?

  7. If Tyrese keeps going down this road of feuding with Dwayne Johnson, The Rock is going to have him like ...

    Tyrese, you've been warned.

Written by Mark Lelinwalla

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