Cowboys Cut Protesting Defensive End Damontre Moore And People Are Destroying Owner Jerry Jones For It

Damontre Moore

Cowboys Cut Protesting Defensive End Damontre Moore And People Are Destroying Owner Jerry Jones For It

The team denies the move had anything to do with his raising his fist after the national anthem.

Published October 26, 2017

The Dallas Cowboys insist that releasing Damontre Moore on Wednesday didn't have anything to do with the defensive end raising a fist during the end of the national anthem this season.

But people aren't buying it at all.

Remember, earlier this month, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones warned his team that any players "disrespecting the flag" would be benched, as reported by The Washington Post, and that "America's Team" cannot "give the implication that we tolerate disrespecting the flag.”

Although Moore had been raising his fist during the end of the anthem this season, he changed that to a salute at the conclusion of the "Star-Spangled Banner" on Sunday before the Cowboys-San Francisco 49ers' game. Cowboys defensive tackle David Irving also protested during the anthem Sunday, but remains with the squad.

Moore was reportedly involved in a nightclub altercation last week, but Cowboys coach Jason Garrett told reporters Wednesday that the defensive end's protest nor reported altercation had anything to do with his release, also as reported byThe Washington Post. Garrett tried to maintain that the Cowboys simply needed to release a player to make room for a replacement for kicker Dan Bailey, who injured his groin Sunday. 

That being said, many people believe that Jones felt the continued pressure from President Trump and simply followed orders by cutting Moore. Check out these reactions.

[Warning: Some tweets include profanity].

  1. People instantly called Jason Garrett a liar for denying that Moore's release had anything to do with his anthem protest


  2. And they didn't waste time in saying that Jerry Jones just wanted to make an example out of Damontre Moore to further warn protesting players

    Shaking our heads.

  3. They had way more ether locked and loaded for the Cowboys owner where that came from, too

    That hashtag says it all.

  4. Others echoed that sentiment, while vowing to also boycott Cowboys' games

    Fans want to hit offending owners where it hurts ... their pockets.

  5. But as this person suggested, given Jones's friendship with Trump, are you really surprised by Moore's release?

    Hmm ...

  6. Although the Cowboys cut him, there are reports that Moore could sign with the Seattle Seahawks, who he played for last season

    And if that happens, watch out because the Seahawks visit the Cowboys on Dec. 24 in Dallas. We're sure that Moore would be revved up to stick it to Jones then.

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