Shannon Sharpe Remixed DJ Khaled's 'All I Do Is Win' Into 'All I Drink Is Hen,' And People Lost It

Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe Remixed DJ Khaled's 'All I Do Is Win' Into 'All I Drink Is Hen,' And People Lost It

"Shannon out here trying to get that sponsorship."

Published November 7, 2017

Shannon Sharpe already went viral for speaking about his love for Black & Milds and Hennessy live on Fox Sports' Undisputed last month.

And Twitter is losing it over the sports personality and former three-time Super Bowl champion again. On Undisputed yesterday, Sharpe suddenly began remixing DJ Khaled's anthem "All I Do Is Win" into "All I Do Is Drink Hen," with some impromptu rhymes of his own.

"All I drink is Hen, Hen, Hen no matter what / So, don't even ask what's in my cup," Sharpe said live on the air. "And every time you see me, cups go up! / And they stay there ... up, down, up, down / Because all I drink is Hen."

People watched Shannon spit these bars and continue professing his love for Henny and lost their minds with these hilarious reactions.

  1. People died laughing at Shannon Sharpe's Hennessy remix to 'All I Do Is Win'

    Real tears here, too.

  2. Hov would probably hear this and be like ...


  3. And Shannon sparked the Twitter thirst to hear a full remix '#4Theculture'

    How amazing would that be?

  4. Shannon is definitely trying to catch a bag from Hennessy out here

    Hey, why not!?

  5. And his fans tried speaking that into existence by tweeting Hennessy

    Now that would be epic.

  6. And if he does catch a sponsorship deal, it could look a little something like this ...


  7. When it comes to sports personalities, Shannon can't do anything wrong right about now


  8. Between his woke sports takes and his love for Milds and that Hen Dawg, it's as clear as ever that ...


Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Joe Robbins/Getty Images)


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