The Cavs Got Ultra Petty And Flooded Their IG Accounts With These Arthur 'Mood' Memes After Beating The Knicks

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James

The Cavs Got Ultra Petty And Flooded Their IG Accounts With These Arthur 'Mood' Memes After Beating The Knicks

And LeBron made it clear that, "I'm the King, my wife is the Queen and my daughter is a princess."

Published November 14, 2017

Some would say that LeBron James jabbing the New York Knicks for not drafting Dennis Smith Jr. and then riding the New York City subway with his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates ahead of the Cavs-Knicks game last night was petty enough.

But King James and his Cavs managed to up their level of pettiness even more after rallying to defeat the Knicks 104-101 at Madison Square Garden on Monday night.

After securing the road win, King James rocked a hat that read, "All Good – Never Better." If that wasn't enough, the three-time NBA champion also responded to Enes Kanter. The Knicks center had words with LeBron during the game and afterwards fired shots at James, telling reporters, "I don't care who you are. What do you call yourself, 'King,' 'Queen,' 'Princess,' whatever you are. We're going to fight."

To that, James replied, "Well, I'm the King, my wife is the Queen and my daughter's the Princess, so we've got all three covered," as reported by ESPN.

But he and his Cavs weren't done being petty just yet, adding to it by flooding their Instagram accounts with these Arthur "mood" memes as a nod to King James' Arthur "mood" post last week.

The Cavs are just 7-7 this season, but they're already the early-season petty champs because of these memes. Take a look.

  1. After rallying his Cavs to a victory over the Knicks, LeBron calmly responded to Enes Kanter

    @kingjames responds to @eneskanter11 "King, Queen, Princess" comments. #GameTime

    A post shared by @nbatv on

    In other words, bow down to the King, homie!

  2. As a nod of respect to the King, Isaiah Thomas quickly posted this Arthur 'mood' meme


    A post shared by Isaiah Thomas (@isaiahthomas) on


  3. Channing Frye didn't want to leave them hanging, so he, too, joined in

    Mood?..... #idontwannaleaveLJandITout

    A post shared by Channing Frye (@channingfrye) on

    His hashtag says it all.

  4. Dwyane Wade followed suit

    #Mood #LJChanningIT

    A post shared by dwyanewade (@dwyanewade) on

    You already know that D. Wade was gonna rep for his baller bestie and the new squad.

  5. Iman Shumpert was a bit late in joining the fun, but he made sure to get this post up

    I’m a sore loser...but when we win....#mood 😂

    A post shared by Iman. (@imanshumpert) on

    Winning changes everything, doesn't it, Shump?

  6. And for good measure, LeBron had this parting shot for the Knicks and NYC

    You're welcome.. 👑of NY #myfavoriteplayground #striveforgreatness🚀

    A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

    It's the King!

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