The Celtics Beat The Warriors And All Twitter Could Talk About Was Steph Curry's Hair

Steph Curry

The Celtics Beat The Warriors And All Twitter Could Talk About Was Steph Curry's Hair

"Who let him come out in public like that?"

Published November 17, 2017

Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics erased a 17-point deficit to score a 92-88 home victory over the defending champion Golden State Warriors last night. Despite the Celtics extending their winning streak to 14 straight games, Twitter spent a long time talking about Steph Curry's new hairstyle afterward.

Not only that, but they blamed the two-time NBA MVP's hair for his poor 3-of-14 shooting and nine points and the Warriors' overall loss.

Check out these no-chill reactions.

  1. The chatter about Steph's new hairstyle began earlier in the week

    But it really got Twitter buzzing during the nationally televised Warriors-Celtics game last night.

  2. People took one look and were like ...


  3. And others had questions ...

    Shaking our heads at that last tweet.

  4. People went so far as to blame Steph's poor performance and the Warriors' loss on his hair

    No chill whatsoever.

  5. And that got some thinking ...

    Well, we spotted the hairdo last weekend, when Curry's Warriors defeated the Philadelphia 76ers and the two-time NBA champion had 22 points and nine assists that game. He didn't play in the Warriors' win over the Orlando Magic on Monday night and yesterday had the nine-point outing, so make your own conclusions.

  6. This person roasted Steph and dragged Kevin Durant's hair, too

    Anything goes on Twitter.

  7. And then there was this tweet ...


  8. As long as Ayesha likes it ...

    You heard her.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)


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