Steph Curry Wants People To Be 'Mindful' When Doing The '#CurryChallenge' Trick Shot Because Everyone's Losing Their Minds

Steph Curry

Steph Curry Wants People To Be 'Mindful' When Doing The '#CurryChallenge' Trick Shot Because Everyone's Losing Their Minds

"I do not condone violence."

Published November 21, 2017

NBA fans know Steph Curry regularly makes circus shots part of his pre-game warmup routine.

But earlier this month, the two-time NBA MVP Euro-stepped through the paint on the Golden State Warriors' layup line and threw up a super high shot that found the bottom of the net ... and drew the collective awe of the internet. The clip quickly made the rounds on Twitter and Instagram so much that it sparked the #CurryChallenge, with people posting their own over-the-top trick shots.

But in emulating the two-time league champion, fans doing the #CurryChallenge are often putting others at risk physically with their crazy attempts at making circus shots — enough for Steph to warn people to "be very mindful."

"I will just say be very mindful of the repercussions of messing with people's stuff," Curry told ESPN about people participating in the #CurryChallenge. "I do not condone violence. That is the only thing. I do not condone violence."

Here is Steph's circus shot on November 6 that sparked the #CurryChallenge and the video that made him warn others about the repercussions, along with other submissions to the trick-shot challenge sweeping the internet.

  1. this is the Steph Curry shot that sparked the #CurryChallenge

    Steph hit the super-floater and KD was hyped 😂

    A post shared by Bleacher Report (@bleacherreport) on

    How did he get that in?

  2. this is the video from a user named Samuel Grubbs, taking the #CurryChallenge in a supermarket, that led to Steph's 'be mindful' warning

    This dude was flagrantly messing with people. Reckless. Your thoughts?

  3. This guy really threw his books into the basket


  4. This participant doesn't quite follow the #CurryChallenge, but, hey, whatever

    That shot was still something to behold, right? And like Steph often does, he looked away after taking the shot.

  5. This might be the most-lit #CurryChallenge of them all

    Hard to top this.

  6. His friends turned this into a lituation

    It's a party!

  7. This kid really took the #CurryChallenge with frisbees

    Two in a row🔥 - #currychallenge - Follow @frisbeeshots12 @mb_clips @mltrickshots23

    A post shared by Leo,marcus | Est October 2015 (@lm.frisbee) on

    Hey, why not?

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