Four Oklahoma High School Football Players Reportedly Sexually Assaulted Their Teammate In The District Superintendent's House

Bixby High School football team

Four Oklahoma High School Football Players Reportedly Sexually Assaulted Their Teammate In The District Superintendent's House

And the act was allegedly recorded.

Published December 1, 2017

The Bixby High School (Bixby, Oklahoma) community has been rocked after four of its football players are being investigated for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old teammate in a September incident, which reportedly took place in the house of Superintendent Kyle Wood, as reported by Oklahoma's News on 6.

A copy of the affidavit and newly filed search warrant in the investigation — both tweeted out below — explain the horrifying details that the victim endured in the egregious incident. According to the files below, two members of the Bixby HS football team held the victims legs down, while another restrained his upper body, all allowing a fourth player to insert a pool stick into the victim's anus. A fifth player reportedly filmed the crime on his cellphone camera.

Police investigators report in the affidavit that there is also evidence of a "cover-up" by the school, as it went days without reporting the incident.

On Thursday, the Bixby School board president, Ron Schnare, released the following statement to the media, assuring everyone that the investigation is "proceeding diligently."

Last night, the Bixby school board also went into an emergency session meeting to discuss the alleged rape by instrumentation of one of Bixby High School's football players.

However, the meeting ended without any disciplinary action handed out — something people were furious about.

Following that meeting, local News on 6 asked Schnare about possible disciplinary action, to which he responded: "Well, you've have a copy of the affidavit, you are aware suspensions that have already been made."

After reviewing the entire affidavit, however, News on 6 reported that it didn't include any mentions of suspensions.

If that wasn't infuriating enough, News on 6 reported that the Bixby High School football team will be allowed to play in the state championship game Friday night, despite the active, ongoing investigation into the sexual assault and the "suspensions" Schnare claims were made.

Wow. Do you think this investigation will pave the way for the arrests of the four football players who sexually assaulted their teammate, the fifth player who recorded the incident and the superintendent?

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