Former NBA Player Charlie Villanueva Couldn't Believe That Burglars Stole His Toilet

Charlie Villanueva

Former NBA Player Charlie Villanueva Couldn't Believe That Burglars Stole His Toilet

"I'm still tripping ... who steals a toilet?"

Published December 20, 2017

Imagine walking into your home and realizing it has been burglarized — but not robbed of your cash, electronics or jewelry ... but your toilet, instead. Wait ... what!?

That's the shocking realization that hit former NBA player Charlie Villanueva last night after learning that his Dallas home was burglarized and that robbers took his toilet and household appliances. Wow.

"They stole my toilet ... I’m not making this s**t up," the former NBA forward tweeted in shock last night.

Over an hour later, Villanueva, who made more than $50 million over the course of his NBA career, as reported by TMZ Sports, still couldn't believe it.

"I’m still tripping," he tweeted, "who steals a toilet?"

Here's how Villanueva shared the strange news via Twitter — and he tweeted receipts.

  1. Here's how Charlie Villanueva first shared the news about his Dallas home being burglarized

    Wait until this plot twist.

  2. But the news quickly took a sharp, bizarre, WTF turn when Charlie revealed that the burglars took his toilet


  3. And they also took household appliances

    What in the world were they thinking?

  4. As Tuesday night went on, Villanueva still couldn't believe that burglars stole his toilet

    Just ... why?

  5. As he waited for police, Villanueva had a little fun with the bizarre crime, starting a '#FindMyToilet' hashtag


  6. This morning, Charlie woke up and was still in disbelief about the stolen toilet


Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)


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