LeBron Made Sure His Daughter Zhuri Got Some Candy At The Cavs' Game Last Night

LeBron James

LeBron Made Sure His Daughter Zhuri Got Some Candy At The Cavs' Game Last Night

"A daddy will do anything for his daughter."

Published December 22, 2017

Whether it's chasing his fourth NBA championship, ironing out details for his next big endorsement or plotting the next move in Hollywood for his SpringHill Entertainment company, LeBron James is a dad first.

The three-time NBA champion proved just that last night during his Cleveland Cavaliers' home game against the Chicago Bulls. During one moment, a hot mic picked up King James stopping everything he was doing to ask his adorable three-year-old daughter Zhuri, "Hi mama ... you want candy?"

From there, James made it his daddy duty to make sure his baby girl got some candy, asking Cavs officials until he secured the sweets and got them over to Zhuri.

"You're welcome," Bron said to Zhuri, who was sitting in the stands near the Cavs' bench at Quicken Loans Arena.

Twitter instantly fell in love with the moment and let LeBron know what a good dad he is in the process with these reactions.

  1. Watch LeBron Get His #DaddyDuties On, Making it his mission to get Zhuri some candy

    #DadGoals ❤️

    A post shared by Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) on

    Cue up the biggest "awwww" one time for King James.

  2. People marveled at how LeBron went from NBA superstar into dad mode so quickly during the game

    Absolutely beautiful.

  3. Other dads with daughters are all too familiar with this scene as well


  4. And it's abundantly clear that ...


  5. At that moment, the game didn't matter at all

    Say that again.

  6. others couldn't help but point out how adorable and fashionable Zhuri looked at the game last night

    King James and his princess.

  7. At the end of the day, LeBron gave us all yet another reason to love him

    Happy holidays to King James and his family. LeBron and his Cavs will be in Oakland on Christmas Day to face the defending champion Golden State Warriors.

Written by BET Staff

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