The Sports Reporter Who Said He Couldn't Take Diddy Seriously Challenged Nipsey Hussle To A Fight For Charity

Henry Wofford, Diddy, Nipsey Hussle

The Sports Reporter Who Said He Couldn't Take Diddy Seriously Challenged Nipsey Hussle To A Fight For Charity

But the rapper and Twitter ain't having it at all.

Published December 22, 2017

Henry Wofford, a sports reporter for the Bay Area's Kron 4 News, sparked national headlines earlier this week when he said Diddy looks like he "smoked a blunt" and "drank a 40" and questioned how people can take him seriously in reaction to the rap mogul saying he wants to be the Carolina Panthers' next owner. Subsequently, Wofford got dragged so severely for his comments that he issued a public apology that same day on Monday night.

And now Wofford is being dragged again. This time it's for tweeting and challenging Nipsey Hussle to a fight for charity to which the rapper clapped back furiously in a tweet saying,  "I’ll beat yo white washed Samuel L. Jaccson [sic] in DJANGO a**" and "we rejected you from the Black community after you COON’d your own people to try to fit in on mainstream TV."

Sheesh! Wofford foolishy went after Nipsey after hearing Hussle tell TMZ on Tuesday: "F**k the n***a that was doubtin' them on the news, woofin’ that s**t. We gon’ catch you and beat yo a**, n***a."

That's what made him challenge Nipsey to the fight before getting destroyed by the rapper in a series of tweets. And Twitter repped for Nipsey, joining the MC in continuing to drag Wofford to hell and back with these zero-chill reactions.

  1. Henry Wofford clearly didn't think this tweet through

    That feeling when you know someone is about to learn today!

  2. Nipsey quickly clapped back with pure ether

    Got damn! Nipsey went in and let Henry know that he's not the one at all.

  3. Twitter collectively responded like ...

    All of this, Nipsey.

  4. And others were quick to fact-check the 'celebrity' mention in Wofford's tweet

    #Facts. The celebrity being Nipsey Hussle, not you, Henry Wofford.

  5. Some people offered to join Nipsey in beating the brakes off Wofford, while others said putting hands and feet on the sports reporter should be done for 'the culture'

    You did all this to yourself, sir.

  6. But Twitter simulated how a Nipsey Hussle-Henry Wofford fight might look if it did go down

    Game over, Henry.

  7. Some felt like Wofford is just looking to extend his five minutes of infamy

    That FOH is right.

  8. However you look at it, the bottom line is ...

    Done. Nothing else to see here, folks.

Written by BET Staff

(Photos from left: Henry Wofford via Twitter, Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Ciroc, Prince Williams/WireImage)


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