Could Colin Kaepernick And Diddy Get Competition From WWE Owner Vince McMahon Over The Panthers?

Colin Kaepernick, Diddy, Vince McMahon

Could Colin Kaepernick And Diddy Get Competition From WWE Owner Vince McMahon Over The Panthers?

One former WWE employee explains why McMahon might be interested in the NFL franchise.

Published December 27, 2017

Diddy created instant buzz last week when he said that he wants to become the next owner of the Carolina Panthers. Colin Kaepernick then added to the excitement by tweeting the rap mogul "I want in on the ownership group." And Diddy and Kaep reportedly had a lengthy phone call last week to discuss forming that ownership group as well.

But that ownership group might have some big competition from none other than WWE owner/CEO Vince McMahon.

While reports have surfaced about McMahon possibly restarting his XFL football league, former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman wouldn't be surprised if the pro-wrestling magnate makes a play to buy the Panthers.

"Where's [McMahon's] home base? Do you know?" Coachman asked TMZ Sports on Tuesday. "North Carolina. He's got a restaurant in North Carolina. Hell, [McMahon's son-in-law] Triple H's bachelor party was in Raleigh, North Carolina."

Coachman added: "All this came down the last couple of days that P. Diddy is trying to get together a group, but yet the old crotchety owners wouldn't want P. Diddy and his crew in there, which I think would be a mistake by the owners. But Vince has legitimate money, he’s a billionaire, he could come up with the funds and he’s also at the age where other owners would respect that."

Watch Coachman make his full case for why McMahon might be interested in owning the Panthers below.

Hmm ... interesting.

Do you think an ownership group led by Diddy and Kaepernick would be able to ward off McMahon if he's interested in buying the Panthers?

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