This #TBT Pic Of LaVar Ball Has People Saying 'Daammnn!'

LaVar Ball

This #TBT Pic Of LaVar Ball Has People Saying 'Daammnn!'

"Nevah Lost!"

Published January 4, 2018

The official Facebook page for LaVar Ball's family's reality show, Ball in the Family, posted a #TBT photo of a young, shirtless LaVar from his college days today. And the internet lost its damn mind.

On sight, people took one look at a young, chiseled Mr. Ball and were like, "Daammnn!"

Check out all these reactions this #TBT pic got.

  1. This shirtless #TBT pic of a young LaVar Ball brought out the admiration — and thirst — from people

    College LaVar was diesel!

  2. People took one look at the picture and were like ...

    The thirst for college LaVar is real!

  3. And there was more where that came from

    Those looking eyes emojis definitely were out in full force.

  4. The #TBT pic prompted one person to use one of Mr. Ball's catchphrases

    Well, at least a young LaVar "nevah lost!"

  5. The photo also triggered this hilarious comment ...

    This came in response to Mr. Ball once saying he would've defeated Michael Jordan 1-on-1 back in the day.

  6. There's no doubt that college LaVar was putting in that work in the gym

    Kinda yoked? The man was ripped!

  7. Of course, haters were like ...

    Haters always have something to say.

  8. This person brought up Mr. Ball's appearance on WWE's 'Monday Night Raw' to say that the man is still in good shape today

    Agreed. Not bad for 50 at all.

  9. The #TBT pic made people say that President Trump better think twice before messing with LaVar again


Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)


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