Charlamagne Tha God Gave Floyd Mayweather Jr. 'Donkey Of The Day' For His Explanation Of The #MeToo Movement

Charlamagne Tha God, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Charlamagne Tha God Gave Floyd Mayweather Jr. 'Donkey Of The Day' For His Explanation Of The #MeToo Movement

"Are you Floyd 'Money' Mayweather or Floyd 'Moron' Mayweather?"

Published January 11, 2018

Floyd Mayweather Jr. being clueless about the #MeToo movement during an interview with Men's Health yesterday and actually saying, "When somebody be like, 'I got a Rolls Royce, I be like, 'Me Too,'" had people cringing with disgust.

Charlamagne Tha God was one of those people. That's precisely why The Breakfast Club personality and New York Times best-selling author gave the retired undefeated boxing legend the "Donkey of the Day" on Thursday morning.

"Are you Floyd 'Money' Mayweather or Floyd 'Moron' Mayweather?" C Tha God asked on Power 105.1 during the notorious segment. "I wonder how it feels to be so rich and so disconnected from regular everyday people that I don't have to care about the problems of others. Floyd clearly has a sense of privilege, but my brother ... you got daughters. So, you should care about the #MeToo movement because that along with the #TimesUp movement is a cultural revolution that will make the world a better place for your girls."

And in closing seconds later, Charlamagne addressed the Men's Health reporter who asked Mayweather about the #MeToo movement in the first place during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday. 

"What the interviewer should have said to Floyd is, 'Well, you know, Floyd, along with your Rolls Royce, your private jet, your billion dollars, you can also say, accused of assaulting multiple women ... me too!'"


By that latter part, Charlamagne was obviously referring to Mayweather's reported history of domestic violence.

Watch Charlamagne's entire "Donkey of the Day" segment about Mayweather below.

We've got to give Charlamagne the KO win for this one.

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