Tristan Reportedly Asked Lani Blair To Stop Dancing For Cash Because It’s Ruining His Image

Tristan Reportedly Asked Lani Blair To Stop Dancing For Cash Because It’s Ruining His Image

And cheating on your pregnant girlfriend in a crowded club isn't?

Published June 12, 2018

After publicly humiliating his pregnant girlfriend by publicly cheating, Tristan Thompson is reportedly trying to fix his tarnished image… by shaming his side-piece.

According to In Touch Weekly, Tristan has reached out to his alleged mistress and Instagram model, Lani Blair. The Cleveland Cavaliers' player has reportedly asked Blair to stop dancing in clubs for cash, a source revealed.

"Lani thinks Tristan is crazy because he asked her to stop dancing for money. She thinks he’s lost his mind. He told her she’s ruining his imagine by being in the club scene, hosting parties, and letting everyone throw cash on her," a source told In Touch exclusively. "Lani thinks his request is too possessive, especially since she’s not his main girl. She told him she’s going to continue to do her unless he’s ready to step up and give her the world."

Last weekend, Blair celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas. When a reporter asked if Thompson wished her a happy birthday, Blair coyly said, "A lot of people wished me a happy birthday."

While Tristan may be trying to clean up his image, Blair is reportedly trying to do the same. After the scandal broke, Blair reportedly sent an apology to Thompson’s girlfriend, Khloé Kardashian.

"Lani reached out and apologized to Khloé," a source divulged to In Touch. "She got her number from Tristan. Before she could finish, Khloé hung up. Lani called back, left a message, and told Khloé she feels awful, won't do it again, and basically left an honest, genuine and heartfelt apology."

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photos from left: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images, Bryan Steffy/WireImage/Getty Images)


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