Jemele Hill Defends Serena Williams Against French Open Catsuit Drama

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 17:  Jemele Hill attends the ESPN's HEROES At THE ESPYS official pre-party at City Market Social House on July 17, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Jemele Hill Defends Serena Williams Against French Open Catsuit Drama

She's using her last week on ESPN to have some important conversations.

Published August 28, 2018

From calling out Donald Trump to discussing racial injustice, sports commentator and journalist, Jemele Hill has made it clear that she's not afraid to speak her mind on ESPN.

Most recently she tackled the ongoing debate surrounding the French Open's decision to enforce a dresscode that would ban Serena Williams' catsuit.

Voicing her displeasure, Hill began, "Well the unfortunate part of all this is that Serena doesn't even get the space to be angry... I'm reminded of something that Billie Jean King said in response to this how the policing of women's bodies has to stop. Well in particular the policing of black bodies has to stop."

She followed up with questions about the decision. "I would love for the president of the French open to explain what is it that is so disrespectful about this catsuit. What is bringing about this disrespect," the veteran sports journalist added.

"Here you have your most important figure in this sport and to disrespect them this way, because that's where the real disrespect is taking place, is just really unconscionable," Hill added.

Praising Serena Williams' demeanor in spite of the decision Hill continued, "What I want to note too is at what point are black people allowed not to be gracious? The reason I bring that up is because anytime they receive any kind of unfair treatment any kind of policing in any sort or manner, they're asked to take the gracious and the high road. at what point are we allowed to not take the high road."

After an awkward round of silence from her two-cohosts, Hill added, "It's my last week. these takes are coming."

Hill's revelation that she's in her final weeks at ESPN comes as no surprise. Earlier this week, reports surfaced that the veteran commentator would be severing ties with the sports network at the beginning of September. Hill was suspended after calling Donald Trump a "white supremacist" on Twitter earlier this year.

Check her statement on the French open's ban on Serena Williams' catsuit below:

Written by BET Staff

(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)


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