Michael Jordan Gives Malik Monk A ‘Tap Of Endearment’ After Technical Foul

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Michael Jordan Gives Malik Monk A ‘Tap Of Endearment’ After Technical Foul

Afterward, the two reassured everyone, it's all love.

Published December 13th

When your boss is none other than the legendary Michael Jordan, you better stay in line or you might end up with a smack on the head. 

Charlotte Hornets guard Malik Monk learned this the hard way when he earned the team a technical foul during their game against Detroit on Wednesday.

At the end of the game, Jeremy Lamb hit a game-winning jump shot with only 0.3 seconds left. Monk was so excited by the 22-foot shot, he jumped up from the bench and on to the court.

The only problem was, there was still time left on the clock, which meant the Hornets had too many players on the floor. Officials then blew the whistle and hit the Hornets with a one-shot technical foul for having six men on the floor.

Monk then received the same slap on the back of the head that everyone has experienced at least once in their childhood.

Later on, the Hornets' owner, through his spokesperson, Estee Portnoy, told the Associated Press there was no harm intended and it was just a "tap of endearment."

"It was like a big brother and little brother tap," Jordan told the AP. "No negative intent. Only love!"

When Monk was asked about Jordan's remark, he laughed and replied "Big, big, big brother."

"But it was nothing. He was just playing," he added. 

Although Hornets coach James Borrego didn't see the video of the tap, he did say the incident was a "teachable moment."

"You got to remember there is still .3 on the clock," Borrego said. "We have not been in that situation where we made a shot like that and I think there was excitement there. A natural response, right? But you've got to react the right way.

"We will learn from it and won't let that happen again."

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)


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