Philadelphia 76ers Owner Accuses Judge Of ‘Vendetta’ Against Meek Mill

GOOD MORNING AMERICA - Meek Mill and Michael Rubin are guests on "Good Morning America," Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019, airing on the ABC Television Network.    GMA19(Photo by Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images)MEEK MILL, MICHAEL RUBIN

Philadelphia 76ers Owner Accuses Judge Of ‘Vendetta’ Against Meek Mill

“Do you also hate PHILLY?”

PUBLISHED ON : APRIL 26, 2019 / 08:30 PM

Michael Rubin, co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, is calling out Judge Genece Brinkley for denying Meek Mill’s request to attend Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals in Toronto.

Via Instagram, Rubin blasted Brinkley, who previously sentenced Meek Mill to 2-4 years in prison, for her rigid ruling. "I know you have a vendetta against Meek Mill and are obsessed with trying to control every aspect of his life, but did you really NOT approve him to go to rep the sixers in Toronto for the game?” he captioned under a split pic of the judge and rapper. “Do you also hate PHILLY?" Rubin wrote in a lengthy caption. "As soon as the schedule came out, Meek asked probation for approval—they immediately approved!"

Meek’s probation, which stems from a 2008 drug and gun conviction, stipulates that he must get Brinkley’s approval for any traveling outside his home state. Rubin claims the team filed a request with the court as soon as the semifinals schedule was confirmed.

"We filed w/your court as soon as the schedule came out since you need to approve travel to Canada! Since you didn’t respond to numerous phone calls and emails we even sent a lawyer to the courthouse today!!" Rubin wrote.

Since taking Meek Mill’s case, Judge Brinkley hasn’t been sympathetic of the rapper’s situation, including her ruling that he had to serve years in prison for a violation of his probation. Criticism of her rulings have been wide-ranging from both fans and celebrities. The ongoing situation has made Meek Mill a poster child for criminal justice reform.

See Michael Rubin’s full IG post below.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images


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