Marco Rubio Says If He Were An NFL Owner And Colin Kaepernick Was The ‘Best Guy,’ He’d ‘Bring Him In’ As QB

Marco Rubio, Colin Kaepernick

Marco Rubio Says If He Were An NFL Owner And Colin Kaepernick Was The ‘Best Guy,’ He’d ‘Bring Him In’ As QB

The senator also said “talent isn’t the reason” CK isn’t on a team.

Published September 11, 2019

Written by Jarod Hector

TMZ caught up with Florida Senator Marco Rubio in an airport on Tuesday (September 10) and he said there aren’t 64 quarterbacks better than former 49errs quarterback Colin Kaepernick in the NFL.

The Republican politician is a big football fan and was asked about the Florida teams after week 1 in the NFL. 

The conversation turned to the Jacksonville Jaguars and their quarterback situation. Starter Nick Foles was injured on Sunday (September 8) and will miss an undetermined amount of the season. 

With quarterback being the most important position on the field, teams want to make sure they have the best available player. It would seem obvious that Kap is someone that should get a call. 

But, since his protest of unarmed minorities being killed by police and racial injustice during the national anthem, he has become persona non grata in the NFL.

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Rubio knows it’s not talent keeping him out of the NFL. It’s the ‘other stuff.’

"If I were an owner, and he was the best guy, I'd bring him in despite the other stuff. But, there's a lot that goes into that."

Rubio also said, “[NFL owners] think he brings many other things with him that they don't want around.”

It’s a shame those "other things" are equal treatment under the law, equality and justice for all. Too bad those are values of decency NFL owners don’t want around their teams. 

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