Racial Slurs Yelled At Sixers’ Mike Scott Before Brawl Erupted At Eagles Game

Mike Scott

Racial Slurs Yelled At Sixers’ Mike Scott Before Brawl Erupted At Eagles Game

The NBA player was the target of racial slurs during an Eagles tailgate.

Published September 11, 2019

Written by Jarod Hector

Philadelphia 76ers forward Mike Scott was the target of racial slurs prior to last Sunday’s (September 8) game between the Eagles and Washington Redskins. 

The Philly Voice reported that Scott’s plan was to stop by the popular "4th and Jawn" tailgate to interact with Eagles fans prior to the game. 

Scott is from Virginia and supports the Washington professional football team and showed up wearing a Sean Taylor jersey. 

According to the report, Scott saw a coffin surrounded by Redskins paraphernalia. He thought it was funny and attempted to get a picture in front of it.

The typical hostility you would expect wearing the opponent's jersey ensued. It then began to escalate. Fans shouted expletives, “F*ck the Redskins!” and “F*ck you!”

Then some of the tailgaters shouted the n-word at Scott, and predictably things went from bad to worse. 

Scott approached the area of the tailgaters where the racial slurs were hurled and the encounter got physical and was captured on video.

The video is disturbing and shows what happens when “mob mentality” takes over. This is the ugly underbelly of sports and fan culture.

All reports indicate racial slurs were used and prompted the altercation, with many witnesses nearby saying they continued to hear racially insensitive language after the incident had been broken up and Scott left.

The 76ers are reviewing their policy as it relates to having team security with players at public events. Scott was accompanied by a member of the 76ers' security team. 

Scott will not face any discipline from the 76ers, as it is clear he was the target of malicious behavior. 

(Photo: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)


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